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3 World-Class Legendary Trainers Reveal Their Most Amazing Hidden Secrets of PHYSICAL COMBAT

Filmed Live, this once-in-a-lifetime training session of "Behind-Closed-Doors" Fighting Techniques shows you how to Capture, Control, Break, Destroy or KILL an Attacker - Even if theyhave a Knife or a Gun!

Dear Friend,

I am now going to share highly important and CONFIDENTIAL information with you.

I will only give you the facts, and you can do with them as you please. All I ask is that you hear me out, and do not share what I am about to tell you with anyone else.

Is that fair?

You see, I really thought I knew all there was to know about Fighting!

I’ve been through the whole Black Belt thing, been in a few scraps myself and been around for awhile. And, I’ve gotten plenty of videos of the years, been to all the seminars, etc, so it was reasonable for me to think that I knew my stuff.

A friend talked me into going with him to the COMBATIVES SUMMIT in Las Vegas a few months ago. He was super-excited because this was a rare opportunity to train in the U.S. with Master Russell Stutely, the World’s #1 Authority on Pressure Points Fighting and a two of his elite fellow trainers.

This was “invitation-only” for Martial Arts Instructors, School Owners, Police Operatives, and Special Forces, and boy was I lucky I got to tag along!

I’d heard of the Instructors, they were some very well-known guys. I figured it would be “okay” and I’d get a little workout, but no big deal, nothing new….

Boy, Was I Wrong! DEAD WRONG

First up was Scott Bolan – now this I HAD to hear. I’ve seen this guy in the magazines many times showing great Lethal moves, so I knew it was going to be fun, but I didn’t expect THIS…

Scott gave an intro with the “Use-of-Force Continuum: Passive, Medium and LETHAL Force.”

Great stuff!

Then, have gave The 2 Elite Combat Principles and the 3-Step Progression to Combative MASTERY that ramped up my skill like rocket fuel – so powerful, yet so simple, I cannot believe I had never been taught this before in all my years of training.

Then, he showed a simple foot shift in fighting stance that laid to waste YEARS of Karate training, and most other Combat stances I’d ever seen.


Next, he gave us the 5 Joint-Lock Power-Set for

Martial Arts School Owners, Law Enforcement and Military Special Forces Were in Attendance, and He Was Twisting Them Up Like Pretzels

This ROCKS! I am still practicing the power-set (you’ll learn it for your self on the DVDs), so that I can capture and control anyone “at will”

Scott also demonstrated in a way that was easy to understand (there were also Civilians in attendance and these guys make sure no one gets left out of the elite learning circle)

I was amazed to discover that you can take any of these Joint Locks and control someone without hurting them, or how to BREAK BONES and even Deliver DEATH if legally and morally justified.

Then, Scott introduced a Special Guest who may be the holder of the highest number of Tactical Certifications in the U.S.A.

He’s in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a Guinness World Record holder, and a former VIP Bodyguard to wealthy executives and celebrities (he’s the REAL deal my friend). As well as being a former chief-of-police and SWAT team commander, he literally wrote the training manual for the TSA and DHS.

Yes, You’re Damn Right, He REALLY Knows what he’s talking about because he’s done it in the REAL world!

His name? Mike Gillette.

Mike gave us mind-boggling….

- Tactical Awareness Secrets
- The Psychology of Violence
- Easy Attack Predictors (How To Spot An Attacker BEFORE They Attack)
- Profiling Secrets

…. and so much more I could write an entire book from the notes I took!

This is the type of elite confidential information usually reserved for upper-level Law Enforcement and Anti-Terrorism Agents.

And you get it all on DVDs to study at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of your home!

We’re just plain LUCKY to get this life-saving info from a living legend, the guy who actually wrote the book on it.

After the lunch break it was time for PRESSURE POINT COMBATIVES from none other than Russell Stutely -

Europe’s #1 Pressure Points Authority, OCFM International Coach, Combat Hall of Famer, World Martial Arts Hall of Famer, and 6th Dan Karate Jutsu!

That’s just to name just a few of his achievements (there are enough to fill several pages) The first thing Russell did was give us all striking pads and then demonstrated the “power-slap”

Did I say “Slap”?

Yes, I did.

But this wasn’t just any regular slap, like when you slap your wife (just kidding, I know you wouldn’t do that).

No, this was slapping so hard and powerfully it sent people flying to the ground. This was literally…


Then Russell showed us how to strike more powerfully than I’d ever seen in my entire life.

If you think I’m exaggerating, you are sadly mistaken.

Russell can take ANYTHING – from any Martial Art – Boxing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, MMA, Krav Maga, you name it… and add subtle and secret shifts to it that multiply it’s power, effectiveness, and LETHALITY.

These shifts were a game-changer for me (and everyone there).

All day long, Russell showed us dynamically powerful fighting secrets like…

• The Quadrants of the Body: How to DESTROY someone’s balance and send them to the floor writhing in pain in under one second

• One tiny hip movement that increases your power 100%

• How to Break Their Bones with no effort

•Do it Wrong! Do it Wrong? Yep: How to do everything wrong and still beat the crap out of your attacker (who “thinks” he’s doing everything right!) And….

Players To The Game: Put These 6 Tiny Principles Together And You Become A Damn-Near Invincible Whirling Machine of Death and Destruction… … this is AMAZING and no one else will know it!!! (except YOU)

You see, Russell Stutely has an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body.

He has it mapped out for you in what is called “Pressure Points” – points on the body that you can barely tap and watch your attacker crumble to the ground in a quivering mass of PAIN.

This is not an exaggeration, but a simple statement of fact. If you think I’m kidding, you’ll see it for your self…

The huge bodybuilder in the room (with real combat experience) was like a rag doll in Russell’s hands

You simply MUST see this and learn it for yourself.

Russell can literally slam an attacker at a certain angle and cause the attacker to PISS HIS PANTS.

Yes, I’m serious.

Russell knows the Chinese Medicine names for the entire map of the Human Body’s Pressure Points, and he explains it all in plain English and makes it EASY for you to learn and remember.

He literally shows you how to throw a bigger, stronger attacker off-balance, immobilize him, break him, destroy him, put him into painful compliance, or even kill him if you need to.

I am so thrilled they filmed all of this so we have the privilege to learn it at your own pace.

To finish up the first day, Scott, Russell and Mike held a round-table discussion on Teaching and Marketing.

Scott and Russell shared the Secrets of how to FILL your school (even if your school is a park, gym, or your backyard).

Mike shared amazing wisdom from an epic and legendary career in tactical training, bodyguarding VIPs, law enforcement, and networking with the greatest instructors in the world! (there is a reason Mike Gillette is in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame – and once you hear this you’ll know why)

Whether or not teaching and marketing is your cup of tea, you get powerful wisdom and knowledge directly from these leaders in  their profession and hear them answering questions right there on the spot.

Have a pen and paper ready when you watch this one – it’s GOLD.

I was so excited that first night I could barely sleep. I had learned more in a single day training with these guys than in MONTHS .

I’d have to write an entire book to share with you what I learned for the next two days. I’ll give you just a few highlights of the techniques and mind-boggling elite knowledge they shared, things like….

- How To Rip A Man’s Face Off Break His Arm, Smash His Wind-Pipe, and Crack His Head Open Like An EGG – in 3 seconds!

- Destruction Physics: 8 Secret Pressure Point Principles That Give You Fight DOMINANCE

- How to “Mop The Floor” with a Larger Attacker’s Head – Using His Own Size and Strength AGAINST Him (I LOVE this!!!)

- The 5-Point Impenetrable Knife-Shield (they attack and get sliced to ribbons)

- Weapon Disarms: how to take their Knife or Gun away from them so Lightning-Fast they won’t know what happened!

- The Suicide Gun Reversal – He Attacked You and Pulled The Trigger, and Now HE’S Dead!

- Become the Attacker’s NIGHTMARE:
the moment they grab you, they step into your trap

- Subject Control in Crowded Areas: he’ll either go where you want, or eat the pavement

- Instant BLACKOUT: How to render your Attacker unconscious without killing him

A NEW way to Headbutt (it smashes his face AND literally sends him Flying across the room)

- How to Beat an MMA Fighter

- 5 Ways to Stop a Double-Leg Takedown

- Leg Combatives

- Standing Ju-Jitsu (you don’t have to be on the Ground!)

- Subject Control Secrets of Cops, Prison Guards, and Nightclub Security

- How to Kill a Man

- The number-one secret the defines a REALLY good self-defense instructor
(whether you want to be one, or find the right one, you need to know this)

- How to be a Martial Ambassador and be respected in your community

- How to Take Control of Your Own Body to Get the Physical Results You Want
(self-mastery secrets)

- Russell’s “All-in-One”: Neckbreak, Knock Out, Foot Sweep (sweet!)

… and so much more!!!

Like I said, I’d really have to write an entire book just outline it all here.

Another huge eye-opener you’ll get is learning…

What They NEVER Teach You About Concealed Carry
(not knowing this can get you KILLED)

Thank God I discovered this, because now there is no way I’ll be carrying with my “head in the sand” ever again!

This really could save someone’s life, even YOURS.

Now, remember how I said this was Confidential?

This is only being released to law-abiding citizens. If you are a criminal, a pervert, or a psychopath, you are strictly forbidden from ordering this material.

Look. This is world-class training. People literally flew in from all parts of the world to be there. The fee to get in the door was 795.00, and that’s not counting air fare, rental cars, meals and hotel.

But here’s great news for you…

They filmed it all for DVDs so you can share this experience and learn these skills for your self.

Of all of my years in Martial Arts and Combatives training, I have one word to describe this: TRANSFORMATIONAL.

My skills as a Warrior were literally transformed, and I know you’ll feel the same way once you see these all-new DVDs that no one has anywhere else.

You do NOT want to be the guy who doesn’t have this information.

These DVDs give you the Essential, Core Secrets of DOMINATING Violent Altercations, no matter what the situation.

Plus, they’ve added over 300.00 in Free Bonus Material!

Now that’s a KILLER DEAL!

Order now and you’ll be and ahead-of-the-pack with these elite teachings.

You must promise me you will value the material and study it with an eye towards learning and improving. That’s all I ask.

We are so confident you will love the wealth of knowledge in this home study program that we stand by it with a rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee.

With nothing to lose and and elite skills you get to learn and keep forever, order now.





100% money-back guarantee

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